02 Jul 2021


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Summer Sky from Kattameya Observatory

Kattameya Observatory Trip

After a long absence, we are back to you with the Kattameya Astronomical Observatory Trip. It holds the largest telescope in the Arab world, the Middle East and North Africa. It is located approximately 80 km from the center of the capital Cairo in the direction of the city of Suez (Ain Al-Sukhna Road) on a mountain with a height of 480 m above sea level.

This observatory was established in 1964 and is an extension of the Helwan observatory, which was established in 1903, and it is one of the oldest research institutes in Egypt and the Middle East.

Trip Program

Friday 2 July
Departure at 3:30 p.m. and the meeting point next to Go Bus in Abdel Moneim Riad Square, next to Ramses Hilton, and moving by bus directly towards the observatory
At 4:15 p.m., a second gathering point on the first Gate of Ain Sukhna Road, in case of attendance by private car and not using the bus
5:00 p.m. A third gathering point in front of the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ in the new administrative Capital
– Arriving at the observatory, watching the sunset, and then getting to know its features
– A visit to the dome of the main telescope with an explanation of the history of the observatory and the most important devices in it.. and how the telescope works and the movement of the dome
– The beginning of the astronomical program in the backyard in a furnished area for observation and exploration of the sky with the distinguished astronomical team of the Egyptian Society for Astronomy led by Eng. Essam Gouda .. Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Society for Astronomy and member of the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences

Summer Sky

Read the beautiful summer sky to learn about the most famous constellations in existence
And we know some legends and tales of stars
How do we determine the direction of the north and the qiblah with the stars?
How do we know the latitude of the place with stars?
How do we calculate the passage of time with the movement of the sky?
How do we use sky maps? And Android apps? .. practically
How do we differentiate between stars and planets in the sky?
And for photographers…
Bring a professional DSLR camera with you.. so that we can enter the wonderful world of astronomical photography.. and catch the dim sky lights and take the most wonderful pictures of the stars and work the star trail

The Telescope

And don’t forget.. Telescope observation..
Saturn with its wonderful rings
Jupiter and its Galilean moons
Duo star Alberio

Stargazing continues until 12 AM and then we start heading back towards Cairo
✪ The cost of the trip is 460 EGP – children from the age (7-9) 250 Egp
✪ In the case of coming with a private car and not using the bus, the cost of the trip is 320 EGP – Children from the age (7-9) 100 EGP

For reservations, contact us on 01000052656 Mobile or WhatsApp
Last date for reservations is Sunday, June 28

✪ Price Includes:
– Transportations from and to Cairo by air-conditioned bus, the size of which is proportional to the number
– Furnished area for stargazing
– Observatory entry ticket and permit
– astronomy program
– Snacks and hot drinks during the trip

✪ Payment methods:
Deposit at any of the CIB Bank ATMs
– Bank transfer through the National Bank of Egypt.
Transfer via Vodafone Cash + transfer fee (2%).
For more information, contact us at 01000052656

✪ Cancellation Policy:
1- 100% of the amount until 27/6
2- 0 % after 27/6
(We apologize for our inability to return reservations only through the announced dates)
The trip will apply social distancing and safety measures to travel safely, and the capacity of the bus will be less than the total number of chairs
It is important to wear a mask during the period of presence (mandatory) on the bus and closed gathering places, while adhering to the instructions

✪ Notes:
The trip to explore the stars and get to know the sky
Transfers by air-conditioned bus commensurate with the number
– Visitors have a furnished observation area | bathrooms.
– Please bring your own meals and water, as there is no cafeteria, knowing that there is a kitchenette in the lounge.
– In the event that the number is not complete, the value of the trip will be fully refunded 100%, well before the date.

✪ To Bring List:
A personal card is necessary.
Light snacks.
A camera for photography.
Comfortable shoes.
Light backpack.
And the most important thing is the spirit of adventure and your smile to enjoy with us 🙂
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