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Cairo, Egypt

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for quick answers to the most important questions on your mind, our FAQs are here to help. We answer the most common questions.

Where is our Headquarter?

ESA doesn’t have a permenant office. Because our focus is on making our activities and events available in every corner of Egypt, you will find us in public libraries, cultural centers, schools, universities and scientific clubs.

Who can attend ESA's activities?

Our events and activities are open for everyone and for all ages. Most of the events are free of charge and don’t require any pre registration, all you have to do is find an activity that you like and attend it.

Where to buy a telescope?

The main place that sells telescopes in Egypt is Voyager Factory in Tanta. They have many different brands at different prices.
You can learn more about buying your first telescope here.

Why should I be a member?

Being a member allows you to be part of ESA’s growing community, while also having the chance to attend all our events of with some discounts on trips, courses or even astronomical products. Members also can participate in the nomination process for the board of directors.

What is the membership requirement?

Regular membership is available from the age of 21 years and above. You need to submit the application form, copy of ID card and a biometric photo. Members receive an ID card upon paying the annual fees (100 EGP). 

How can I volunteer with ESA?

Volunteering membership is open to any age and without any fees. You need to fill out the online form and pass the interview. Members are required to volunteer in the activities and participate with the ESA’s team in communicating astronomy and raising awarness about the subject in Egypt.