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The Journey to Mars

Why travel to the red planet? How do we get there? What are the obstacles that we face on the way?
Let’s learn about the in depth information of Mars exploration
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I Wish for a Meteor

A sentence that we have heard repeatedly in the last period, in reference to what happened in the days of the dinosaurs. It is said that when you see a meteor, you will have a wish.. So if we see a meteor and wish for a meteor.. will a meteor really land on Earth? Is there a relationship between meteors and comets, and what are the meteor showers?

Astronomy Events in 2021

Man and Time

Does our sense of time differ from place to place? Does the sun or the earth affect it? How did we define the concept of time?
A simple astronomical look at one of the most important scientific concepts in modern physics

Basics of Astrophotography

A short lecture on astrophotography for beginners. The most important thing to know before entering the world of astrophotography and the basics of mobile astrophotography

Space Missions

Telescopes for Beginners

You can’t buy your first telescope without knowing more about its history, how it was built and structured, and what its physical principles are. Here we take a more in-depth look behind the optics of telescopes.

Midnight Sun

Do you think it is possible to see the sun in the middle of the night? If yes, then how? And where? And why? Is there any other phenomena associated with it?
Let’s get acquainted with a group of the strangest astronomical phenomena that we often see without giving them any consideration.