Astronomy for People in a Hurry

Pluto: A Planet with a Problem

Does Pluto deserve to be a planet? Why did we change its category?
Let’s know the story of a dwarf planet 90 years after its discovery.

Buying your First Telescope

The most important information and tips you need to know before buying your first telescope. Where do you buy it in Egypt? And what are the best types available?

Objects in Sky You can’t Identify

We see a lot of objects in the night sky, some are fixed, others move very fast, yet sometimes we see stuff that we can’t recognize. Now before you come to any conclusions about Aliens, you should watch this video.

The First Moon Landing

The Apollo 11 mission, the first mission to put humans on the moon on board Saturn V, the largest rocket ever so far.
But what were the stages of the mission? How did we land on the moon and come back again? And how difficult is it to travel to the moon?