Space Missions Broadcast

Transporter 2 Mission Launch

The Falcon 9 rocket carries 85 low Earth orbit satellites, as well as three Starlink satellites.
This version of the Falcon rocket has been launched 7 times before, making this its eighth time

Starship Rocket launch – 4th attempt

Live broadcast of the test flight SpaceX’s Starship Rocket.
Launch is to an altitude of 10 km and there will be another try for landing.
Rocket Block: SN 15

Perseverance Landing on Mars

Live broadcast of the landing of NASA’s Perseverance probe on the surface of Mars. After covering an estimated distance of 430 million km and traveling for 7 months in space, the space probe finally reaches the red planet.

Starship Rocket launch – 2nd attempt

Live broadcast of the 10 km altitude test mission of Starship (SpaceX’s new rocket) and landing again.
Rocket Block: SN 9

Starship Rocket launch – 1st attempt

Live broadcast of the test mission of the Starship Rocket to an altitude of 12.5 km and relanding.
Rocket Block: SN 8

Chang’e-5 Lunar Mission

China launches an unmanned mission to retrieve samples from the moon.
The Chang’e 5 will be launched on board the Long March 5 Rocket.

Hope Probe: Arab Mission to Mars

Live broadcast of the first Arab mission to Mars: the Hope Probe.
The Emirates Space Agency is preparing to send the first Arab probe to Mars.
The probe will carry scientific instruments to study the atmosphere of the red planet.

SpaceX’s first Manned Mission

This is SpaceX’s first manned mission.
And the first mission to send American astronauts from American soil since 2011. For the past period, they depended on Russia and the Soyuz rocket.
Everyone seems worried about this trip, if it succeeds, it’s a big leap for SpaceX, as it will become the first private company to completely send astronauts to the International Space Station