24 Jul 2021


5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Journey through the Solar System

Solar System Public Lecture

In a vast region of an intermediate galaxy among billions of galaxies, a dense cloud of gases formed
In that cloud a star is born that is no different from millions of others, and planets begin to form around this small star, and over the course of millions of years this small group begins to settle down to begin life on the surface of one of those planets!
This is the story of our solar system.
But not the full story!
Let’s take a tour through time and space from 4.5 billion years ago until today, and from comets at the edges of the solar system to the nearest planets, to explore the secrets of the formation of the solar system, the emergence of life, the dangers of meteorites, the future of the Earth and many others.

In cooperation with the Consulate – Consolya
Introducing Astronomy Night: A Tour of the Solar System
with dr. Rami Al-Maari, Director of the Center for Space and Planetary Sciences at Khalifa University – United Arab Emirates


Date Saturday 24 July 2021, 5 pm
At Consoleya- 5 El Fadl Street, Bab El Louk, Abdeen, Cairo
The lecture will be followed by a session with Dr. Ramy will discuss the most important topics in space and astronomy, and it will be a great opportunity to interact directly.
After the lecture, we will continue the evening with some observations using ESA telescopes
The invitation is public and attendance is free, but places are limited.
You can register your attendance from the following link

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