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Stargazing in Wadi El Hitan

Wadi Al-Hitan means clear skies to see thousands of stars, so we decided to make a quick trip and a different day outside the traffic of Cairo to enjoy the sky and dinner in the desert under the stars

Valley of Whales

Wadi al-Hitan is famous for the presence of complete fossils of whales that were teeming in the area 40 million years ago when the valley was located under a huge ocean (the Teth Sea), in addition to many marine fossils that can be seen in the open-air museum.
The astronomical program during the trip presented by Mr. Essam Gouda, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Society for Astronomy and a member of the Arab Union for Astronomy.

Trip Progam

Friday July 9

Departure at 09:00 am in front of the Al Noor Mosque in Abbasiya – by bus directly towards Fayoum and Wadi Hitan Protectorate
First day
– Access to the protectorate and entrance to the covered museum to learn about the history of the area and the entire region through the exhibits, an explanation of the museum and a rest period in the cafeteria
A tour of the open museum of fossils in the reserve
– Dinner “grilled chicken + rice + vegetables + salad”
– Astronomy and sky exploration program with the Egyptian Society for Astronomy
Read the beautiful summer sky to learn about the most famous constellations
And listen to some legends and tales of the stars:
How do we determine the direction of the north and the qiblah with the stars?
How do we know the latitude of a certain place with stars?
How do we calculate the passage of time with the movement of the sky?
How do we use sky maps? And Android apps? .. practically
How do we differentiate between stars and planets in the sky?

And for photographers:
Bring a professional DSLR camera with you.. so that we can enter the wonderful world of astronomical photography.. and catch the dim sky lights and take the most wonderful pictures, including the star trail
And don’t forget.. Telescope observation: Saturn with its wonderful rings, Jupiter and its Galilean moons, Duo star Alberio, Nebula Lagoon, Andromeda Galaxy, and the star cluster Pleiades.

– Light snacks
A period of rest and free monitoring until dawn and moving after dawn to return to Cairo

The cost of the trip is 845 EGP for Egyptians
and 1045 EGP for non-Egyptians
– Transfers from and to Cairo by air-conditioned bus, the size of which is proportional to the number
– Dinner
– Furnished area for monitoring
– Sleeping bags and tents for overnighting
– Entry tickets to the reserve and overnight stay
– astrolonomical program
– Photographer
– Light snacks during stargazing

For reservations, contact us at 01000052656
WhatsApp 01000052656

✪ Payment methods:
Deposit at any of the CIB Bank ATMs
– Bank transfer through the National Bank of Egypt.
Transfer via Vodafone Cash + transfer fee (2%).
Online payment with credit card.
For more information, contact us at 01000052656

✪ Cancellation Policy:
1- 100% of the amount until 2/7
2 – 0% after 2/7
(We apologize for our inability to return reservations only through the announced dates)

✪ Notes:
– The trip is for the purpose of exploring the stars and getting to know the sky “It will not be enough time to fully explore the reserve and its surroundings.”
– Transportation by air-conditioned bus commensurate with the number and the way to the reserve from Fayoum via an extension of about 35 km until the end of the road.
– Visitors have a furnished observation area | bathrooms.
– In the event that the number is not complete, the value of the trip will be fully refunded 100%, well before the date.

✪ To Bring List:
A personal card is necessary.
Light snacks.
Sunglasses .
A camera for photography.
Comfortable shoes.
Light backpack.

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